Comics are a passion of many people with different age group. Some of you may also wish to create these characters as well as cartoons. There was a time when people used to do it in pen and papers. But today the internet has made everything very easy. You can get apps that will prove to be a wonderful comic tool. Yes, it will be a fun idea to create your own comic character. Whether you have a tablet or a smart phone, creativity will be in leverage with the comic characters.

Top apps for comic creation online

1. Bitstrips- This is where you can create the Bitmojis and share anyone you wish. It also works for messages, chrome desktop as well as Android devices. You can unlock amazing features once you link it to snapchat.

2. Pixton- This is another wonderful platform to create your comic characters. The link to start your creativity is . To start the process, you must sign up. Once you are registered, enter with your username and password, Then you can start your task.

3. Strip generation- You can make your comics through the link . You can use either your smartphone or tablet for this application. This app needs adobe flash player. So, keep in mind to install it.

comics tool

4. TooDoo- Are you in a hurry? Do you want to materialize your creativity instantly? Then, TooDoo will be the app for you. Through this tool, you can easily create you comic cartoons as well as strips. It is the time to visit the link. .

5. Cartoonize your pet- Some of you may have a fascination for pets. May it be a dog, cat, squirrel, rabbit etc. This is one of the tools that will create wonderful pet cartoon character. Just imagine how a wonderful will it be to see your own creation. This online site will require a login by the individual. You can easily customize your own cartoon pets. There are accessories which you can use to make your cartoon pet more attractive.

6. Marvel kids- One of the famous comic characters is none other than Marvel. This is a wonderful DIY comic site which has its feature very simple. Thus, people of all age can easily make their favourite comic character. But, you have to visit the official website to get full access.

7. Pikistrips- This is a unique app where you can place your photo which in turn will be converted to the comical strips. There is an option called’ add text bubbles’. Objects, speech bubbles. Through these, you can make some changes. There can be changes in the hairstyle, tattoos, hats, scars and many more. This is a site with fun of tweaking photos.

The fun of making your own comics character is here. The apps and the wonderful comic tools can easily help you get a boost in your creativity when you are having an intention to make your own cartoon character. It can be imaginary characters to that of pet comics.

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