From ages, the traits of storytelling have been transmitted across boundaries and generations. The features of storytelling that once existed in the passive form have updated itself by several folds. The modern day storytelling involves a radical difference. The stories are different in terms of its composition and genre. The stories that are rendered for today’s generation have a short and crisp video which can be instantly read or looked at anywhere with the availability of internet. With a wide variety of genres available from horror to fictional to detective stories, the entertainment it offers continues to be boundless.

lionThe production and distribution platforms of such interesting virtual stories have been on a constant splurge. Today’s children grow up in the environment of virtual animated stories contributing to the growth of animation industry. With the availability of entertaining and innovative stories in a different format, the children remain glued to the technology. The various fictional characters and personalities featured in the stories continue to inspire them for repeated viewing. Thus, passive storytelling alone does not pacify today’s generation. In the crossroads ahead, the stories have to be entertaining, educative as well as enlightening. So it’s time to transform more stories into the virtual mode for offering a delightful experience.

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