Reading comics books have been a craze of many people across the nation. Not only children, even the individuals belonging to 30’s have a great fascination towards the characters in comic books. The superheroes are quite popular which also impact the lives of many individuals. The reading platform also has many other genres. Different people have different tastes. Some like science fiction, action, adventure, whereas others have the fascination for romance, horror, humor as well as fantasy.

History of comics by centuries
People always go by the current trend. This made the comic industry and the characters get updated in every decade. Following are the trends of the comics industry by decade.

  • Comics in 1920’s
    This is the time when the comics were new to the society and its people. ‘The Funnies’ was probably the first material of the collection. This book has a major difference from those we had today. It was just like a coloured newspaper with no outer cover. This was the time when the comics were not sold separately. Rather, it was a part of a magazine.
  • Comics in 1930’s
    This was a phase when the comics became popular. You can say, it was a golden age of comics. The key events build in the character during this time has formed the modern comics. The book has changed from no cover magazine to the one with a cover. Superman and Batman had their first appearance during this time.
  • Comics in 1940’s
    The World War II had influenced in the comics industry during this time. This was the time when the troops of the army who were stationed overseas needed some reading materials. Thus, comics were sold in bulk. Among all types of reading books, 30% were the comics send to soldiers. During the war period, papers were in a great demand. Thus, comics book pages were included.
  • Comics in 1950’s
    This phase was not very favourable for comics books. This was just after the world war. People lost almost everything. People have realized their super heroes dying during this phase. But, other genres became popular during this time. Those are comics related to the subject like horror, science fiction, romance, etc.
  • Comics in 1960’s
    The growth in the comics industry has gained in this phase. This was the time when a different variation of comics was published. This was the time when the comics were used in video games, movies, toys etc. Fantastic four was one with great popularity during this time.
  • Comics in 1970’s
    The comics character named as Marvel has become quite popular during this time. There was some downfall of comics due to the quality and print of books. Soon the sellers sold the books with a small amount of subscription system. The retailers can also return the unsold books.
  • Comics in 1980’s
    This century has become a creative high point as new publishers have stepped their feet in the comics industry. Some of the publishers are Pacific comics, Capital comics, First comics etc.

The comics industry has seen many up and down phase right from its start-up time i.e 1920’s. But, with every decade, changes in trend have made people accept the characters, genres, and publications.

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