Books offer an in-depth knowledge and provide basic information about spacing and timing of animation features, anticipation and overlapping action, dialogues and more. The Animator’s Survival Kit authored by Richard Williams is known as the bible for learning animation. It encompasses all required inputs to bring out the best animator in you. The Cartoon Animation book authored by Preston Blair has brought out an explicit reference for Cartoon animation. The book offers profound insight on developing a cartoon character coupled with creating dialogue based animation. The book on Animation for Beginners serves as a comprehensive animation dictionary.

Learning three-dimensional animation requires mastering skills apart from animation such as illumination, texturing and rendering. High-end software for three-dimensional animation is available for beginners as well. Blender is one such software that offers free download and contains ample tutorials to learn three-dimensional animation at a basic level. It also offers lessons on character animation. Adobe After Effects offers a software called Cinema which is easy to learn and utilized for motion graphics. Stay updated as much as possible to excel in this competitive industry. As a budding animator keep learning and designing constantly with the wide variety of resources available and one fine day you are sure to get noticed for your skill sets.

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