Let’s walk through the process of pipelining an animation video from scratch. It is basically taking an idea, developing it through a project all while hanging on to your unique style! Everyone is creative, we are just waiting in hibernation for the right spring to make us bloom, realize and recognize.


As someone wisely put it “Inspiration is neither something that comes and falls on the head, nor is it a place to go hiking to, it is rather a journey in between”. Getting a theme, a story, an inspiration, it all happens out of the blue and that is when it is time to start scribbling on the pads to develop it into a concept for an animation.

The idea could spring up from daily observations, experiences in life, or even memories that one doesn’t want to part with. A story that the creative team could connect with personally, would make for the best one to work with. A single genre never caters to the wide audience, mixing up two or more is best to build a community of followers. To break away from the monotony of repetition, always be on the scout for new and varied ideas, genres and themes.


Once the idea for the animation is set, it is time to develop the construct into a full fledged script. Divide the workflow into timelines, or Gantt charts using spreadsheet if necessary. This will give a wide picture of the task at hand and to get it done by the deadline. Trying out a new and unwalked road in using the tool to build would help a lot to explore the uncharted. The ending sweet spot for an animation is a challenge that should leave the intellectual viewers with something worth keeping for their time in watching.


As wise men say “Whatever we do, there should be a special touch in it that signifies our role in making it better”. Having a unique style and approach to creativity shall have its lasting impressions on the viewer community. Building a rapport within the creative team will have returns in the longer run.

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